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Back from Kuala Lumpur

It was the 10th International Conference on Low Vision. It was in Asia for the first time. And Malaysians love their food. This much we all learnt! My particular favourite culinary discovery had to be ice cream on toast…

There was much more to be learnt at Vision 2011 though, and I found the sessions on Quality of Life useful, particularly the increasing emphasis on the impact of depression in visual impairment and the moves towards understanding the efficacies of interventions addressing such issues. The sessions on Preferred Retinal Loci and assessment of scotoma and central visual fields were also very valuable from a clinical and teaching perspective, as well as for research purposes.

I enjoyed giving my own talks and gained valuable feedback on both: many thanks to those old colleagues and new acquaintances for your input. I’d be delighted to hear from anyone wishing to discuss further on my talks on predicting magnifier-based reading function from clinical function tests, or on medicine labelling. Daryl’s talk also went well: I am merely jealous that he’s stayed in Asia on a well deserved holiday while I’m back in the office!