Archive | October 2011

Graduation day

Yesterday was Graduation for students from Vision & Hearing Sciences at Anglia Ruskin – congratulations to everyone receiving their degrees in Optometry and in Ophthalmic Dispensing, and it was lovely to see so many there and find out how pre-reg’s are getting on.

Was also very proud to see Dr Daryl Tabrett graduating with his PhD. He has another graduation to look forward to at the College of Optometrists’ next month, when he will also be receiving the George Giles Prize for ‘outstanding postgraduate research by College members’. Well done Daryl! So more pics to come then.


Exciting new toys

We’ve just taken delivery of a new Nidek MP1 microperimeter in VERU and have been training on how to use it effectively. To be able to assess the central field with reference to fundus landmarks rather than to fixation on a point that someone with macular problems may or may not be able to see will be exceeding helpful, particularly in our research but potentially also clinically aswell. Being able to assess fixation quality is another plus, and I’m very pleased to see that the software calculates BCEA values directly for this. The system for training PRLs using feedback technique I haven’t played with as yet, but looks interesting.

For those in the Cambridge area who are interested in this type of equipment, do get in touch if you’d like an assessment with the MP1, or to use it. Meanwhile, any top tips from existing MP1 users out there are welcomed!