Archive | April 2013

EAOO, Malaga

Just returned from the very enjoyable EAOO (European Academy of Optometry and Optics) meeting in Malaga. Particularly interesting for me was the Low Vision Special Interest Group meeting, where low vision assessment, depression in low vision, and the use of consumer electronics by people with low vision were discussed. Despite the diversity of ways in which optometry is practised across Europe, the striking feature for me was that our areas of concern were more similar than I had expected. The discussion continued afterwards in the bar, and probably the less said about my ignominous arrival there via the hotel slide the better! I was also surprised, but very pleased, that my poster with Julie Hughes was ‘highly commended’. The poster title was ‘Is a reading addition necessary for clinical contrast sensitivity┬ámeasurements?’ Unfortunately my answer to this question will have to wait to be posted until after Julie has submitted her own analysis in her dissertation!