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Optometry Tomorrow 2015

Looking forward to the College of Optometrists’ conference in Brighton at the weekend. Hikmat is presenting the results of her first year’s work as a College postgrad with ‘Towards a functional visual field assessment for low vision’. Sheila has examined the effect of simulation specs on vision in ‘Simulating combined visual acuity and contrast sensitivity loss with Cambridge Simulation Glasses’, and we have then applied the use of these simulation specs to drivers’ vision in ‘Relationship between the two UK driving standards with reduced contrast sensitivity’, extending the findings of our recent BJO paper.

All these posters are hopefully very relevant to clinical practice, and have MCQs that count towards CET points, so please come along for a chat!


Suffolk LOC

Suffolk LOC talk

Many thanks to Suffolk LOC for their enthusiasm for low vision at their meeting last night, despite the late hour! As promised the slides from the talk are attached.

Norfolk LOA

Many thanks to Norfolk Local Optical Association for making me so welcome last night for a talk on ‘Introducing magnifiers into community practice’. I hope some of the suggestions were useful and that you might feel that some of them could be usefully put into practice!

College Regional Event – Norwich

I finally got to give my talk at the College of Optometrists’ Regional event in Norwich on Thursday, after it was cancelled in January with the snow. My talk was ‘How low can you go? Expanding low vision service provision in practice’ and I covered some of the ways that more patients with impaired vision can be dealt with in primary care with a few tweaks to the sight test routine, and use of a few choice low vision aids. The Forum in Norwich was a lovely venue, and it was really nice to meet those there in the breaks in the program. The other talk of the night: ‘It’s a bug’s life’ by Damian Lake was extremely good, making it a very enjoyable evening all round. Thank you for the tweet Daniel!

College event – Norwich

I’ll be speaking on low vision at the next College of Optometrists’ regional event in Norwich on Jan 17th. My talk is ‘How low can you go? Expanding low vision service provision in practice’, and I’ll be concentrating on how to deal with the needs of patients in the early stages of visual impairment in primary care, using existing equipment and resources.