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The 2017 Neil Charman Medal

Dr Keziah Latham

At the end of last year, I was absolutely delighted to be presented with the Neil Charman Medal for excellence in optometric research by Prof Leon Davies on behalf of the College of Optometrists at their annual graduation ceremony in Central Hall, Westminster.

To receive such an award from my own professional body is a real honour. I am very grateful to the College for their recognition, and hope that my research is, and continues to be, useful to people with vision loss.



College Higher Qualifications

Already a qualified optometrist? It might be time to think about College Higher Qualifications. Current poster girl looks a bit familiar… I’m wondering whether to do Higher Cert in low vision or Professional Cert in glaucoma next. Whichever it is I need to finish my marking first though!


Very pleased to say that the Vice Chancellor told me this morning that my application for Readership was successful – hurrah!

Prof Cert LV

The College confirmed yesterday that with my professional certificate in low vision, I can now use the additional affix of Prof Cert LV after my name. Very happy with this, as I was missing a V!

Low Vision certificate

Nov14 014b

I was very happy to receive my Professional Certificate in Low Vision at the College of Optometrists’ graduation at Central Hall, Westminster yesterday. A lovely day, and so nice to see colleagues and former students receiving awards. There may be some better photos, but thanks to Dad for taking this one! It’s very nice to have some certificated proof that I know at least a teensy bit about low vision!


Kez FellowshipSomewhat belatedly, I got round to sorting out photos from the College of Optometrists’ graduation ceremony at Central Hall, Westminster in November. I was very proud to receive Fellowship of the College ‘in recognition of my contribution to research and education in the field of optometry’. It was a splendid day out and lovely to see so many colleagues and former students. Fabulous venue as well: got rather over excited to see Gary Barlow on the same stage on New Year’s Eve!

Meanwhile, the College postgraduate position is now filled – thank you to those who got in touch with regard to this. More on this project to come!