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Welcome to new students

A very warm welcome to all the students who are about to start or return to Anglia Ruskin in the next week or so. I’m looking forward to meeting the new first year optometry and dispensing optics students, and to helping the new final year optometrists get back up to speed in the clinic next week…..

Meanwhile, a big welcome to new postgraduate student Jane Macnaughton, who has just started a project with me funded by the College of Optometrists and based at Vista to understand the ‘Rehabilitation needs and adjustment to visual loss of visually impaired people over time’.


Optometry Tomorrow 2015

Looking forward to the College of Optometrists’ conference in Brighton at the weekend. Hikmat is presenting the results of her first year’s work as a College postgrad with ‘Towards a functional visual field assessment for low vision’. Sheila has examined the effect of simulation specs on vision in ‘Simulating combined visual acuity and contrast sensitivity loss with Cambridge Simulation Glasses’, and we have then applied the use of these simulation specs to drivers’ vision in ‘Relationship between the two UK driving standards with reduced contrast sensitivity’, extending the findings of our recent BJO paper.

All these posters are hopefully very relevant to clinical practice, and have MCQs that count towards CET points, so please come along for a chat!

MPhil success

Many congratulations to Maria Foteini Katsou, who successfully defended her MPhil thesis on Friday, subject to minor amendments.

As a graduate of Anglia Ruskin’s Optical Management degree, Maria becomes one of the very few dispensing opticians to progress directly to a research degree, without ‘detouring’ into optometry first.

Very well done, Maria!